Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

pneumatic rotary actuator

‘FLOWON’ Pneumatic rotary actuator are made using Hard Anodized casted high grade aluminium alloy material. It is used to actuate the Quarter turn or multi-turn valves like Ball valves, Butterfly valves. A Pneumatic Actuator uses Dry lubricated compressed air for its operation. The internal part of pneumatic actuator consists of Piston-Cylinder arrangement in which two Pistons with geared teeth which are appropriately positioned in to the pinion teeth. The dry air at the inlet port pushes the piston head to move in linear motion which in turn allows the pinion gear to rotate by rack-pinion arrangement. The Mechanical efficiency of such kind of actuator is relatively high and it can also produce torque of thousands of Nm.

Depending upon the type of action, Pneumatic Actuator can be classified in to two types


In Single Acting Actuator, the springs are placed on the piston head for spring return position. The compressed air in Single Acting Actuator is supplied to one side and it uses the support springs to return the piston back to its original position. The advantage of using Single Acting Actuator is that at the time of power loss, the piston returns to its base point thus shutting the valve.


In Double Acting Actuator, the compressed air is supplied from both the sides of piston. It works on differential pressure which leads to open and close the valve. The controllability of Double Acting Actuator is better as compared to Single Acting Actuator.


  • Actuator body is Hard anodized to increase the life span.
  • Air supply ports are designed as per NAMUR standards to facilitate the direct mounting of Solenoid valve.
  • To avoid metal contact, sliding bush is used between piston and inner bore of actuator.
  • Bottom drilling is as per ISO 5211 mounting for easy mounting of valve.
  • Compact design for high torque values.