Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

butterfly valve

‘FLOWON’ Butterfly Valves are very much favourable in application due to its Compact design, Low pressure drop, Light weight, Quick operation, Low cost and Easily availability in larger sizes. Butterfly Valve is a kind of Quarter turn valve which is used for Shutoff and regulation of fluid flowing in the pipeline. Butterfly Valve body comes in single piece die casted in which Moulded and Replaceable seat is used based on customers request. Small size Butterfly Valves are equipped with hand lever for operation and for bigger size, gear box is used for operation. Due to its minimal working parts, the maintenance cost of Butterfly Valve is very low. Butterfly Valves are very much suited for handling larger flows which includes liquid, air, gases and also slurries with some amount of suspended solids.

Based on type of Disc arrangement, Butterfly Valve can be classified as:

  1. Centric Disc type: In centric disc valve, the centerline of shaft and body is exactly same. The seat used in centric disc Butterfly Valve is resilient rubber seat like EPDM, Nitrile, Neoprene, Viton, Silicone etc.  
  2. Offset Disc type: The offset disc or double offset Butterfly Valve is also known as high performance valve. This type of valve has two offset between centerline of body and shafting.
  3. Triple Offset Disc type: Triple offset Butterfly Valve is named after three offsets, out of which two are same as that of offset disc butterfly valve and the third one is between seat and disc


  • The Rubber used in Common Butterfly Valves available in the market is not as per standard, while “FLOWONButterfly Valve does inhouse Moulding and does moulding as per standards.
  • The Stem Material used in other Butterfly Valves is generally M.S or EN8, While in “FLOWONButterfly Valve, Stainless Steel used in shafting to prevent rusting and to increase lift span of Valve.
  • Also in other Butterfly Valves, the Disc is attached to the shaft using taper pin. But that pin even get loosen or gets out under frequent use of valve. While “FLOWON” Valve offers Male-Female ‘D’ Slot instead of pin which adds an advantage of reducing torque of Valve.
  • FLOWONButterfly Valve comes with Standard Mounting as per ISO-5211 for easy Mounting of Pneumatic and Electric Actuator.


  • Design Standards: BS 5155 / API 609 / EN-593 / IS 13095.
  • Testing Standards: BS 6755 / API 598 / EN 12266-1.
  • Top Flange Drilling: ISO 5211.
  • Face to Face Dimension: B.S 5155 / ISO 5752 / API 609.
  • Flange Standards: ANSI B 16.5 125#, 150# / BS Table D & E.


Size Type of Design
1.5” to 36”
Centric Disc
2.5” to 30”
Offset Disc
3” to 24”
Triple Offset


PN-16, PN-10, PN-6, 150#


Wafer End, Lugg End, Flanged End


Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel (WCB),  Stainless Steel (CF8, CF8M, CF3M), Duplex Steel, Alloy steel, Aluminium Bronze etc.