Lined Check Valve

Lined Check Valve

lined check valve

‘FLOWON’ make FEP / PFA Lined Check Valve is designed and manufactured keeping in mind the zero backflow to protect the expensive equipment like rotary and reciprocating pumps.  This type of valves are used in high corrosive and abrasive application where using a duplex material becomes very costly to use. The lining material used is FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) or PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) , an inactive plastic compound which offers excellent anticorrosive properties. ‘FLOWON’ has in house 3 nos heavy duty plastic injection moulding machine which makes easy to maintain the quality of lining. FEP/ PFA granules used by us is of Japan / Korean origin.

To ensure perfect gripping and to prevent the liner Breakdown, the liner is perfectly locked in to the Dovetail groove in the Body casting. It is commonly known as Non-return valves and uses Disc and Ball for Operation. Check Valve works on the basis of differential pressure of inlet port and outlet port. When the pressure on the inlet side is higher than that of outlet port, the disc opens which allows the fluid to flow in forward direction. When the pressure on the outlet side is higher than the inlet side, the disc closes which restricts the fluid to flow back. Check Valve is self-actuated which does not require any external forces to operate it

Depending upon the type of disc construction, Check Valves are classified in to


‘FLOWON’ FEP / PFA lined Ball Check Valve are most commonly used for low-pressure drop applications. It uses Ball which freely moves inside the body to allow flow in forward direction and creates tight seal against backflow. Lined Ball Check Valve is available in split body design which are assembled to each other by the means of High tensile stud and nut. Ball Check Valve is vertically mounted on pipeline and the End connection of ‘FLOWON’ Ball Check Valve is in flanged end as per ASME B 16.5, 150#, RF.


‘FLOWON’ FEP / PFA lined Swing type Wafer Check Valve is compact, short pattern and simple construction as compared to other check valves. Due to its low moment of inertia, the disc enable at very low differential pressure which makes it suitable for pump discharge duties. The offset disc shaft and seat enable it for zero backflow for returning fluid. This types of valve is suitable to mount between the flanges. Due to its inbuilt FEP / PFA lined on face area, the need of gasket is totally eliminated.


  • Due to its Compact design, very less component required for construction of valve.
  • Unlike ball valve, there is zero cavity between plug and lining which in turn eliminates contamination and Sticking of media on plug.
  • ‘T’ handle provided for easy operation of valve
  • ISO 5211 mounting pad arrangement is provided for easy installation of Electric / Pneumatic Actuator
  • Allen bolts are inserted in to the bottom to maintain the orientation of Plug.


  • For Ball Check valve, Size: ½” to 8”
  • For Swing type wafer check valve, Size: 1.5” to 16”


  • Body / Side Piece: – ASTM A 395 Gr. Ductile Iron
    ASTM A 216 Gr. WCB
    ASTM A 351 GR. CF8 / CF8M
  • Ball / Disc: – PTFE (Solid Ball)
  • Seat: – FEP / PFA (Integral)


  • Design Standard: Manufacturer’s Standard.
  • Testing Standard: BS EN-12266-1
  • Hydrotest: 16 kg/cm2 (Body) 10 kg/cm2 (Seat)
  • Spark Test: 20 Kv D.C
  • Drilling Standard: As per ANSI B 16.5, 150#
  • Connection: Wafer type, Flanged End.
  • Face to Face Dimensions: Manufacturer’s Standard.
  • Lining Thickness : 3.0 to 5.0 mm