Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve

pneumatic actuated butterfly valve

Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly valve offered by ‘FLOWON’ helps to automatically control the fluid flow using ‘FLOWON’ pneumatic rotary actuator. ‘FLOWON’ make high quality Casted butterfly valves with ISO 5211 mounting pad are very much suitable for direct mounting of Pneumatic actuator on top flange of butterfly valve. The Actuator used is of Single acting and Double acting depending upon the application. Single acting actuator is used where power fails causes valve to close. On the other hand, Double acting actuator is used where differential pressure on both the supply ports which leads to open and close the valve.

Butterfly valves are very much favourable in application due to its Compact design, Low pressure drop, Light weight, Quick operation, Low cost and Easily availability in larger sizes. Butterfly Valve is a kind of Quarter turn valve which is used for Shutoff and regulation of fluid flowing in the pipeline. Butterfly valve body comes in single piece die casted in which Moulded and Replaceable seat is used based on customers request. Due to its minimal working parts, the maintenance cost of butterfly valve is very low. Butterfly valves are very much suited for handling larger flows which includes liquid, air, gases and also slurries with some amount of suspended solids.


  • Additional accessories like Solenoid valve, AFR (Air Filter Regulator), Limit switch available upon request.
  • Installation of Manual override also available.
  • Electro-pneumatic positioner for fully controlling the valve from 0⁰ to 90⁰.
  • Direct mounting of actuator on mounting pad ensures easy installation and maintenance.
  • Stop pin provided in double acting actuator to limit the travel.
  • Low torque values, helps to select small size actuator as compared to other manufacturer valves which reduces cost.



  • Body – AL-Alloy Hard Anodized
  • Side Caps – Pressure die casted
  • Design – Rack and Pinion type design
  • Type – Single Acting / Double Acting
  • Mounting Standard – As per ISO 5211
  • Connections – As per NAMUR standard
  • Operating Pressure – 35 to 150 PSIG
  • Operating Temperature – 20⁰C to 80⁰C


  • Design Standards – BS 5155 / API 609 / EN-593 / IS 13095.
  • Testing Standards – B.S 6755 and API 6D standards.
  • Body / Disc – Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Cast iron, Alloy steel, Duplex steel etc
  • End Connection – Wafer end, Lugg End and Flanged End.
  • Design – Centric Disc and Offset disc.
  • Size Range – 2” to 18”
  • Pressure Rating Class – PN-16, PN-10, 150#