Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valve Developed by ‘FLOWON’ is a professional Shutoff Valve which is used in wide applications such as Sugar, Cement, Paper & Pulp, Mining, Power plants etc. Knife Gate Valve is compact face to face designed valve used to shutoff Semi solid and Solid media passing through pipeline. ‘FLOWONKnife Gate Valve Body comes in One-piece Investment or sand casted with inbuilt ribs for extra body strength.The Soft Seat used in ‘FLOWONKnife Gate Valve is EPDM, Nitrile, VITON, PTFE, Silicone depending upon customer requirements

Knife Gate Valves are classified in to various types depending upon:

  • End Connection: Wafer type, Lugg Type, Semi-Lugg Type, Flanged type
  • Flow direction: Uni-directional ( only one side sealing is provided)
    Bi-Directional (tight sealing from both sides)
  • Type of seat: Metal Seated (High temperature applications, High dense media) Soft Seated (Seat material temperature range, Leak proof application)
  • Pressure Rating: PN-10 and 150#


  • Gates are of heavy duty with sharpy edge which helps to cut solid sediments and ensures perfect shutoff.
  • Unlike other manufactures, ‘FLOWON’ Knife Gate Valve is provided with Graphite packing sandwiched between PTFE packing, to provide tight sealing on Gland area.
  • Gates of ‘FLOWON’ Knife Gate Valve is HARDCHROMED which acts as excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
  • Valve is provided with Bronze Bushing to allow easy lubrication between spindle and bush area.
  • Gate and Stem is connected with the help of self locking nuts to ensure durable connection.
  • Gland Packing can be easily removed by removing gland bolts without dismantling the whole valve.


  • Locking Arrangement provided.
  • Provision for easy mounting of Micro Limit switch.
  • Provision of Mounting Pad for easy installation of Electric and Pneumatic Actuator.


  • Design Standards: MSS-SP-81
  • Testing Standards: MSS-SP-81
  • Drilling Standard: As per PN-10, PN-16 and ANSI B 16.5, 150#
  • Connection: Semi-Lugg End, Full Lugg End and Flanged End.
  • Face to Face Length Standard: Manufacturer’s Standard.


Lugg Type Flanged Type
Size: 2" tp 24"
Size: 3" to 20" (CASTED)
Size: 22" to 38" (FABRICATED)